Friday, 6 July 2012

More Kissing Hand Activites (including Calendar)

As promised, I'm back with some more Kissing Hand printables for you to use in your classroom.

Here are some cute calendar pieces and monthly headers for you!  (CLICK HERE)

Here are some days of the week cards for you to print and use for your daily calendar in your primary classroom or preschool.  (CLICK HERE)

Use heart shaped erasers to line up beside the number on the card. If there is a number 3 next to Chester and his mom, then place 3 hearts in the row beside them! Enjoy playing Kissing Hand number match (CLICK HERE)

This is a fun Roll and Build Game.  Print the instruction sheet and the game pieces (to save ink, you can cut out a square of blue for the background). Cut out the game pieces and then laminate. Use a die and have children build their creation! Make this into a fun game. Players take turns rolling the die once. If they roll a six, then they add the piece next to the six on the game instruction sheet. If they roll a six again, they miss that turn! (CLICK HERE)

CLICK HERE for a black and white version  

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