Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Camping Theme Math Printable for Primary Grades

Here is another free printable for you to use in your kindergarten or grade one classroom.  (CLICK HERE)  for a camping graph and spinner for a math centre!

Use this spinner to play a graphing game with your kindergarten or grade one students.  Print it on card stock and then laminate the spinner.  Then, use a pin to poke through the middle of the circle.  Place a paperclip on a brad and then put the brad through the hole.  Bend the clips from the brad and then flip the spinner.  If you land on a green tent, then put a marker on the column with the tent.  

You can buy the paper fasteners (we call them brads, I am not sure why) from any office supply store.  

Come  back soon for more free printables for use in your kindergarten, grade one, or early primary classroom!  

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