Thursday, 12 July 2012

Birthday Balloons with Curly Straws

Thanks to the wonderful pinterest, I came up with my first DIY project for my grade one classroom. I've been teaching kindergarten years, and am just moving up to grade one!  I'm super excited and told myself I'd try to make a few things for my classroom each week on the holidays.  Here's my first one!

Here are a couple I found on pinterest or google.  This one is from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure.  She has a great printable for you to use here too!!!

This one is from One Happy Teacher

And this one is the one I chose to follow most closely because had a bunch of card stock paper in fun bright colours in my grade one classroom that I could use up. I also love the magnetic letters.  I have trillions of them in my classroom so this is how I'm going to set it up!  I love it!  Go check out her blog at Mrs. Ring's K-Crew Kids.  She even has a printable for the balloons!  

And finally,  here is mine!  

Thanks, Mrs Ring!

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