Saturday, 23 June 2012

Packing Up!

I wish I had taken pictures of my kindergarten room before I started packing it up two weeks ago.  We still have four more days of school, but each day during center time my little ones have been helping me to get the room ready for summer! 

We wash the toys ourselves during free choice play!  If only the enthusiasm for washing would extend beyond the primary years!  I set up the water table with a timer beside it and dump one bucket of toys in every ten minutes.  Four students eagerly vie to participate!  It's so cute watching them vigorously scrub the toys they played with all year!  I know our wonderful custodian just loves us as I call for him each day to mop up the pool of water on the floor!  He comes to us happily, so we're all good! We do appreciate him!

I'm heading in today and I'll take a picture of the assembly set up (no kids in the pic, sadly).  It will give you an idea!

What else have I tried?  At my old school I would bring out four or five bins each day during the last week and ask parents to take one home to throw in their dishwasher!  They get super clean, and it means less work for me... but I really love getting the kids involved and the washing center does the trick!

If only my own children were as enthusiastic about dishwashing?!

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