Friday, 2 November 2012

Make your own Washroom Passes!

I love how cute these washroom passes turned out!  I simply chopped a scrap piece of 1 x 2 into the appropriate length and then pointed the ends using my chop saw.

I dug out the acrylic craft paints (the cheap ones I bought from the dollar store years ago) and painted up the wood to look like pencils.  I used a sharpie to outline the pencil eraser and the shaved part and then to print "boys" and "girls" on each pencil.

I don't have a picture, but I later drilled a hole in the eraser part and threaded a piece of twine in through the hole.  These pencils now hang on the cupboard by our classroom door.  When a child needs to use the washroom, he/she simply grabs the pencil and places it on their desk.  This way I know who is gone and it's easy to manage how many people can leave the room at one time.

Early in the year there were ALOT of trips to the bathroom simply because the whole concept of putting a pencil on your desk was really exciting for the little ones.  Now we're all good and it's a great tool!

Easy, cheap, cute decor!

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